• Lyfe© Community Health
    Management System

    Presented by The FEMR Group Inc.

  • Population Health
    Management System

    Improving the health outcomes of Medicare groups

    Lyfe© aggregates patient data across multiple health resources & analyzes that data into a single, actionable patient record. and the actions.

    Actionable data for care providers
    that improves both clinical & financial outcomes

  • Facilitates Transitions of Care

    The health care system can be made much simpler, can have much better results, and it can have patients that really feel like customers. Visit often to see what Lyfe© has planned to bring out the best in the medical professionals.

The Technology of Lyfe©

HIPAA Compliant Servers

Insulation from virus and malware attempts, ubiquitous monitoring, DDoS protection & constant scanning services to detect suspicious patterns before they affect your data.

Best User Experience

Engaging interactive system with options to support common sense behaviors and flows. Elements that are easy to access, understand, and anticipatory.

Adaptable Platform

Responsible and adaptable platform that's able to sense and respond to evolving digital health initiatives, business demands and opportunities.

Integrated Technologies

An integrated set of technologies including content management, search, rich Internet application tools, analytics, collaboration, social and mobile tools.

Designed by Healthcare Professionals & built by Internet Industry Veterans

Allow Lyfe© to help your organization generate financial savings while improving the quality of care for your Medicare beneficiaries.

Choose Lyfe© to hold your organization's spending far enough below its financial benchmarks without sacrificing quality standards.

We've placed healthcare literally in your hands

Single Sign-on

Simple process of accessing all resources via a "sign once and done" experience.

Menus & Navigation

Navigation that feels natural and familiar without dominating the interface or drawing focus away from its content.

Visual Consent Flows

All patient content, images, diagnoses & history are presented on screen to produce practitioner PDF forms.

Search and Filters

An intuitive system of table search and column filters makes every patient and corresponding information easy to find.

Regular Software Updates

Transparent system configuration audits. Enhancements and new features are included within each software release.

Cross Browser Support

Uses your favorite Internet browser, so no need for device installation & setup. Optimized for Google Chrome.

We have a vision for mobility

Today's business world has never been more mobile. So we've created interfaces that give you everything you need to be productive, wherever you are.

Pathway to Improved Patient Outcomes

The Meaning of Lyfe©

The holy grail of wearable technology is being able to monitor more and more of what's going on with your patients. This future capability is within our sights.

Clinicians can access health records and data right when they need it.
Nurses can ensure better patient safety by having full patient details while administering local or remote care.
Patients can stay informed and engaged in their own care through deeper interactions with their medical teams.

Take control of your Lyfe©

Medical professionals can provide faster, more personalized care, which improves the overall patient experience and sets the stage for Quality Payment Program benefits.

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We hold ourselves accountable

Because you've believed in Lyfe©, we're beginning to see the effects our commitment toward deeper patient interactions & improvements in health outcomes is having on the overall patient care experience.

Patients Managed

Physicians & Administrators

Potential Annual Savings

$429 Million Shared Medicare Plan Savings (ACOs 2016)

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Today our Lyfe© Solutions are helping administrators & assistants collaborate in innovative ways and extending hospitals' capabilities with expert partners and support. And they're all designed to work together, anywhere that your work happens.

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